NEW ALBUM ALERT: Adekunle Gold drops Sophomore Album "About 30"

Nigeria Urban High Life singer Adekunle Gold‎ releases sophomore Album ‎“About 30”.‎ The ‎New Album consist of 16 complete tracks which serve as a continuation to his Gold Album released back in 2016.‎

This body of art shows an enviable consistency and growth in delivery from the IRE crooner. This is an album for everyone whether you are religious (#29 There is a God ft LCGC), you were played by a lady (#21 Dawn you Delilah), or are you looking to vibe to a Fela-like song (#19 Mr Foolish ft Seun Kuti) this Album got you covered.
My favorite 5 songs off this Album are,  1.Fame 2.Ire 3.Damn Delilah (Tobi & CeeC drama) 4.There is a God ft LCGC (Lagos City Gospel Choir was worth the feature) 5.Mama (everyday to me na mothers day)
On a scale of 10, this Album gets a 9/10 for writing, beat production, publicity and the entire Album production. Congratulations to Adekunle for putting out a very good Album, I can arguably say this is the best Album this year and a strong contender for the…

Is Success birthed out of Fear?

It feels good to be back. I have been on a learning spree through life's realities and back stronger, improved, focused and better. Today I just want to share a piece sent to me by a lovely and an amazing lady, it indeed makes for an awakening read. I hope this motivates someone out there not to be bugged or bothered about yesterday mishaps because all it takes to turn it all around is believe, work, prayer and a continuous repetition of the earlier mention steps.

See piece below;

Dreams buried within deep under layers of fear, the doubts and possibly setbacks. Shouldn't Success be birthed in the midst of Fear?

Looking through the eyes of the past at the present and recognising what should have been, remembering the projections of what the future might have been. Is fear responsible? Do I live what I see? Am I living the dream?

Just this one time I need to deal with my past in my present with the hope that I have dealt with the future.

Dreams thought dead, Alive. Somehow I se…

Stop wishing for other People's lives

"If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." - Oprah Winfrey

Dr Chilaka works in one of Houston's biggest cardiology centers. His wife heads over 200 people in an IT firm in Texas too. Living above average they have one dream for which they save religiously. The dream to someday go back home to Umuahia in Abia state, Nigeria and set up their own businesses. 
Meanwhile......Martins and his wife who both run successful businesses in Umuahia have not missed their "prayer point" in the last 4yrs. "Lord this dream must come true, we must relocate to USA.
Uche watches through the window of his high-rise Zenith bank office complex everyday. Admiring independent business men, hating his cage(sorry his job I mean) and wishing to be an unemployable entrepreneur someday. Meanwhile...Mike walks pass that same Zenith bank building everyday, his CV in hand and sweat on his forehead. Asking God "when?". When would I say &quo…

What's your Opinion of yourself

God has seen your worst yet he hasn't condemned you. He still believes in you.

Never let anybody's opinion of you deter you from your goal. You don't need more than your vote to be who God wants you to be.

Don't let other people's thoughts distort your reality, be bold in pursuing your dreams.

Its an established fact that your life shouldn't be affected by anybody's opinion of you , but there after comes the tricky question. 
What do you of think of yourself ? Most times we're unaware of our hidden treasures and judge ourselves by our mistakes or weaknesses.

But let God be true and every man a lair including you. Romans 3:4. Take God's opinion of you as the truth and run with. Soon enough, all will align.

See yourself through the eyes of Jesus.

Motivational Monday: Drop the Excess Baggage

Today could be the day you become the person that you're meant to be. However, that can’t happen if you're still carrying baggage. This day, you have a chance to start over and all you have to do is let go of all the bad things that you've done, all the bad things that have happened to you, and allow yourself to move forward. Say to yourself today, I am going to make the rest of my life the best of my life.

Deadly Journey Across The Mediterranean: Dozen Drown off Libya

The dangerous trip to Europe that has claimed over 60,000 people on the Mediterranean sea still does not scared a lot of people who seek to escape from poverty and conflicts in Africa and the Middle East by heading for Europe.

The migrants are feared to have drowned when their rickety boat sank off Libya's coast.

The Survivors told UN and aid agencies more than 120 people were on the boat when it started taking in water on Wednesday.

A number of people including women and children  drowned in the chaos that followed. Nearly 90 migrants were rescued and later arrived in Italy.

International University Degrees Received Via Online Education Not Recognized in Nigeria - NUC

The National Universities Commission (NUC) has discredited all degrees obtained online from any institution outside the country, “will not recognise online degrees. Online degrees are not accepted in Nigeria at the moment; the Nigerian constitution does not even give recognition to such degrees.

The commission’s Director of Information and Public Relations, Mr. Ibrahim Usman Yakasai, made the announcement during a press briefing on Thursday evening in Abuja.

He also said;
Nigeria will not recognise online degrees. Online degrees are not accepted in Nigeria at the moment; the Nigerian constitution does not even give recognition to such degrees. Those who ran out of Nigeria for study outside this country are those looking for cheaper degrees. It is either they cannot pass the examinations or they do not possess the minimum entry qualifications. The Commission also warned that degrees obtained from Maryam Abacha American University of Niger Republic (MAAUN) are sub-standard and…